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My first reaction to this image was "striking". I would classify this as a prime example of wide-angle photography. You clearly have a good idea of how to use and divide space in your compositions. The complementary angles of the structure versus the direction of the clouds add a lot of interest to the photo as well, directing the eye to the subject. In fact, looking closer, there are many lines in this photo (the clouds, the horizon, and the path), that all point to the subject, emphasizing its status as the focal point.

Composition is clearly the high point (and probably the purpose) of this piece, but it is also worth noting that the balance and density of the color is very well-adjusted.

I didn't give this piece high points for originality, simply because the subject matter itself isn't anything especially original. But this is not a weakness. You've presented an obviously photo-worthy scene in a striking way, and it caught my eye even as a little thumbnail.
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Thrill-Seeker Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009  Professional Photographer
Thanks very much Curt - your crit gives me great confidence in my work :)

I think my original problem with this image was the rocks at the bottom are cut off - but there was nothing i could do about it at that time which is a shame - if i moved the camera down a tad - i would have not got enough of the sky between the top of the roof and the top of the photos and i f i had walked back a few steps 0 there would have been a few people in the frame spoiling the photo - but im glad the way it turned out ;)

i few users have also pointed out that i could of a bit more post processing on it - which im not normally a fan of - but i'll give it a go to see how it looks ;)

thanks again for your crit - much appreciated :)
CurtP Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009
No problem! And for the record, I do see how it might benefit from a little more post-processing. This didn't occur to me when I first wrote the critique. I -highly- recommend getting a copy of Adobe Lightroom and just experimenting in it. It will give you a whole new insight in to post-processing work, which so often is the difference between a good piece and a great piece.
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